CSW 14_03_2015

Established in 2013 and currently having over 50 floating members, the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra acts as a resource for musicians to meet and work in a large improvising ensemble, or in smaller units within a larger context.
Spontaneous music making is our remit, but on occasion, scores both regular and graphic may be used as well as visual cues presented by visual artists.
The orchestra is a chance for people to develop a deeper understanding of the relationship of sound and how it functions. The substantial power at the orchestra’s disposal can be deployed in many ways ; sometimes raw, sometimes melodic, occasionally melancholic; rhythmical or abstract but always with a sense of purpose.
The music on this CD was recorded in early 2015 and was the biggest orchestra show we had done up to this point.
Numbering 29 musicians from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, the music composed “live in the moment”, without any preconceived intention, moves through a variety of styles. From contemporary classical to ecstatic free jazz, noise to electronica, moments of stillness to avant rock. Sounds felt at the time are combined to take the musicians and listeners on a journey where certain moods are created and emotions are felt that indicate new possibilities and directions in which to “take the music” or “let the music take you”.
WIO relies on the generosity of the musicians that take part, the audience that follow us and promoters that help us – without you this would never happen. To you we give a heartfelt thanks.
Ray Dickaty 2016


released November 4, 2016

WIO CSW 14_03_2015

*01 Ray Dickaty – Conductor (tracks 2 and 3)
*02 Patryk Zakrocki – Violin / Viola / Conductor (track 1)

*03 Piotr Dąbrowski – Percussion
*04 Michał Kasperek – Drums
*05 Rafał Dedyński – Drums
*06 Hania Piosik – Vocals
*07 Marcin Gokielli (King Kong ) – Vocals
*08 Antonia Nowacka – Vocals
*09 Piotr Mełech – Bb and Bass Clarinet
*10 Łukasz Kacperczyk – Analogue Synths
*11 Stanislaw Welbel – Sop Sax
*12 Philip Palmer – Alto Sax
1*3 Jan Małkowski – Alto Sax
*14 Bartek Tkacz – Tenor Sax
*15 Mateusz Franczak – Tenor Sax
*16 Michal Maota – Tenor Sax
*17 Maciej Rodakowski – Tenor Sax
*18 Natan Krysk – Baritone Sax
*19 Michal (Jerzy Galgin) Biel – Baritone Sax
*20 Marcin A. Steczkowski – Cornet / FX
*21 Olgierd Dokalski (Mira B) – Trumpet

*22 Jacek Mazurkiewicz – Bass
*23 Tymon Bryndal – Electric Bass
*24 Ksawery Wójciński – Bass
*25 Daria Wolicka – Flute
*26 Jerzy Sergiusz Malanowicz – Toys / Keys / FX
*27 Jakub Buchner – Electric Guitar
*28 Łukasz Czekala – Violin
*29 Zbigniew Chojnacki – Accordian
*30 Dominik Mokrzewski – Drums

F.O.H Sound / recording engineer – Jakub Iwiński
Recording Engineer – Joanna Popowicz
Official Photographer – Patryk Wiśniewski.

Track Names –
01 – “This…” Conduction Patryk Zakrocki
02 – “……That…..” Conduction Ray Dickaty
03 – “………….and the Other….” Conduction Ray Dickaty

All music recorded live at CSW Laboratorium, Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw Poland 14.03.2015
All music composed by the Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra members present on these recordings.

Mixed and Mastered by Ray Dickaty, Łukasz Kacperczyk and Joanna Popowicz at Studio Kamienica, Warsaw Poland.

Produced by Ray Dickaty

All music Copyright Control Ray Dickaty/WIO 2016


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